Kate Upton The Sexy Other Women

Sexy Hollywood

Kate Upton – 2012 Sports Illustrated-jpg-Star

On Thursday Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and our favorite model Kate Upton were seen filming in New York City’s Central Park.

The film is The Other Women. With theses’ three sexy ladies in it, it’s bound to be a funny hit!

For more on the film and the ladies check out these stories below:

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Dragon’s Dogma’s Theme Song Actually Means Something


Just in case you might have forgotten last year’s surprise (as in Capcom still knows what a great game plays like) Dragon’s Dogma, Rabidgames is hooked again in his New Game+. And while waiting for the game to start, listening to the theme song made Rabidgames suddenly realise the song actually describes the story spot on. Here you can listen to it:

Now, let’s have a look at the chorus:

“The wave is pushing me, into the current again
I feel the blood in my veins
Diving into free, can feel it letting go
Not gonna hit the ground
The sky is painted free, why can’t we understand
We kill ourselves in the end
It’s simple as one, two, three, it’s written in the sand
We are the Dangan”

If you have finished Dragon’s Dogma once, you’ll understand the meaning of “pushing into the current again”. And while that…

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Tinkerbell can make you sparkle

chronicles of justice


Long lost fairy sisters, brought up in different seasons, one day discover each other at the border of Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods. There’s something special which happens when these two fairies get together. When they connect, their wings sparkle.

For those of you who don’t know, Tinkerbell, that tricksy tinkering fairy who is friends with Peter Pan, has launched her solo career, and is doing quite well from it. I had a special auntie/ sister trip the other day to see this sparkling story at the cinema. And yes- films for four year olds are sometimes the most profound (my little niece was discretely wiping the tears as they made their way down her sweet little cheeks).

So let me sprinkle a bit of their fairy-dust philosophy before your eyes;

We often learn stuff from those who don’t share our circumstances. Those from a different context. Tinkerbell and…

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@automattic: I’m Trying To Be Responsive!


New year. New stuff.

Today, WordPress (the platform I use to communicate with all of you) announced that in honor of the New Year they’ll be promoting their “responsive themes” on WordPress.com.

Now, let’s be clear. I’m still figuring out what’s going on in the blogosphere. And to be honest, when images aren’t uploaded correctly, my grammar stinks or I have a typo, there’s a reason: almost every post I share with you is created using my iPhone.

I’m low-tech and lazy. I’m glad you still love me!

After reading WordPress’ article about their responsive themes, I decided to make some changes.

I know a lot of you really liked the Chunk theme that I’ve been using, but I wanted to try out one of the responsive themes so that the layout is customized depending on which device you’re using to read this blog.

When I learned you read me…

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Emmy Rossum Stuns In Red Lips & Wavy Hair On ‘Manhattan’ Cover

Hollywood Life

The actress looks totally glam on the mag’s cover is voluminous waves and crimson lips. Do you love the look? Vote!

Emmy Rossum, 26, is a vision of Old Hollywood retro glamour and looks more gorgeous than ever! The star talks about her role in Shameless, upcoming films and and new album, which she released without the help of a record label. ‘I just decided to do it with my own money,’ she admitted. ‘Taking the future into my own hands was why I created this record.’

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