Just in case you might have forgotten last year’s surprise (as in Capcom still knows what a great game plays like) Dragon’s Dogma, Rabidgames is hooked again in his New Game+. And while waiting for the game to start, listening to the theme song made Rabidgames suddenly realise the song actually describes the story spot on. Here you can listen to it:

Now, let’s have a look at the chorus:

“The wave is pushing me, into the current again
I feel the blood in my veins
Diving into free, can feel it letting go
Not gonna hit the ground
The sky is painted free, why can’t we understand
We kill ourselves in the end
It’s simple as one, two, three, it’s written in the sand
We are the Dangan”

If you have finished Dragon’s Dogma once, you’ll understand the meaning of “pushing into the current again”. And while that…

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