The Entertainment Blur

Season One, Episode One


Grade: B+

So everyone has been telling me about this Showtime series that I “really have to check out because it’s awesome.” (No, not all of my friends are stoners) So with a bunch of shows on some kind of hiatus and my constant cough and cold keeping me in bed most nights these days, I decided to check out Shameless. To recap: I know Shameless is about to start its third season, but I’m going to talk about it now because it’s the first time I’m watching it.

The Pilot episode was very good, presenting us with the Gallaghers, a large and dysfunctional family raised by the oldest sister, Fiona. Their dad, Frank, is an alcoholic who drinks all day and passes out somewhere on the floor every night. Lip and Ian are the second and third oldest, share a room and have a…

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